The Swim will be set on the day depending on conditions. It will either be a triangle course from the beach or an open triangle from the boat ramp. The more likely swim is from the boat ramp (red lines)

christmas Cracker swim 2017.jpg


The bike will be laps of a course around Sumner including a climb part way up Evans Pass each lap. The turn point will be at Ocean View Tce. You do not return to transition each lap, you simply go straight down Colenso St only turning left into Head St to return to transition.

Laps = ~3.5km plus the distance to/from the turn point so approximate distances

  • Sprint Tri + Aquabike race ~15.5km (4 laps)

  • Junior / Novice ~12km (3 laps)

  • Youth ~8.5km (2 laps)

bike christmas cracker 2017.png


The run will be a 2.5km lap on the esplanade. Either 1 or 2 laps depending on which race you are doing

The run turn points will be just past the end of the promenade by the beach cafe at the far end. At the finish line end the turn point will be just past Ocean cafe on the way to the swim start. 

  • Novice / Junior / Youth race = 1 lap (duathlon option has a 1km 1st run (note early turn point half way down the promenade)

  • Sprint = 2 laps (duathlon option has 1 lap for opening run)

  • Aquabike athletes run from transition to the finish line

  • Kids aquathon will have a separate turn around point


The start point for the duathlon options will be at the same point as the swim start (behind the boat ramp). On the first run duathletes run ~400m down the promenade turn to head back to the clocktower, merge with swimmers and enter transition (you do not go to the run turn that will be used for the 2nd run past the swim exit point)